RALLY for JUSTICE Saturday, January 21, 2017 12:30-3 pm

First RALLY 4 JUSTICE January 21, 2017

Initiated by members of First Parish Unitarian-Universalist in Portland, Maine, RALLY 4 JUSTICE is intended as a mobilization – working for social justice and opposing hate, racism, sexism, economic inequality and government by and for the wealthy few and big corporations – at the local, state and federal levels. Held in the historic First Parish UU Meeting Hall at 425 Congress St. in Portland, the first RALLY 4 JUSTICE on January 21, 2017 featured speakers including Ethan Strimling, Portland’s Mayor, State Representative Mike Sylvester and Drew Gattine and State Senator Shenna Bellows. Lisa Scali (ILAP), Tom Cox (VLP), Ron Flannery (SMWC), Laura Dorle (Enviro. ME.) Anthony Moffa (Maine Law School), Joby Thoyalil (EJP) respectively addressed immigrant rights, the foreclosure crisis, healthcare as a human rights, environmental protection, immigrant and poverty issues in the Maine Legislature. Economist Mariane Hill PHD and USM Economics Professor Michael Hillard were keynote speakers on the grave and growing problem of economic inequality in the U.S. Zach Heiden, ACLU of ME Legal Director, spoke on facing threats to civil liberties and the Maine and U.S. Constutions in the wake of the 2016 elections. Sue Inches provided a postive vision of grassroots organizing in reaction to the Trump presidency.

An estimated 225 people attended the first RALLY 4 JUSTICE at First Parish U.U. on January 21st – an audience dwarfed by the 10,000 Women Walkers along Congress Street earlier the day after Trump’s Inauguration. 191 attendees provided their names and email addresses and 16 folk submitted more detailed RALLY 4 JUSTICE volunteer applications. Here is a sample of the comments written on the volunteer applications, which asked about “Issues important to you?”:

  1. Race, Women’s Rights – Inspiring program!”;

  2. LGBTQ, Healthcare, Muslim community, Interfaith, Planned Parenthood”;

  3. economic justice, immigrant and refugee issues – good speakers”


  5. HEALTH INS FOR ALL (single payer) & HOW to ADDRESS TECHNOLOGICAL UNEMPLOYMENT, which will continue to increase. Thanks!”;

  6. ENVIRONMENT/ PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE – great program, speakers and music, inspirational + informative, Thank you.”;

  7. Climate, food sustainability, equal justice, mental health…love, love, love the music!!!”;

  8. Poverty, Immigrants. Health – great – too long but good”:

  9. healthcare, income equality, children’s rights – excellent speakers – just a bit long but VERY glad I come + brought 3 others!”;

  10. All of the issues addressed today – Inequality – the 1% vs Poverty, Hunger, Housing, Immigrants – Support Community, Stay informed, Support Organizations… Congratulations, Well-planned, organized. Thank you!”;

  11. Healthcare, climate – LOVED it – I’m great at making calls, would love emails/ texts of weekly calling needed [re] recent legislative issues in Maine/D.C.”;

  12. Environment, immigrants – THANK YOU”;

  13. Environmental Protection (non-fossil fuel alternatives, solar etc. – EXCELLENT PROGRAM!, POSTIVE TONE, ENCOURAGEMENT TO PARTICIPATE”.

A second RALLY 4 JUSTICE is set for Saturday, February 25, 2017 from 12:30- 3pm again in the historic First Parish U.U. Meeting Hall at 425 Congress St. in Portland, Maine, where in 1832 radical Abolitionist William Llyod Garrison called for emancipation of slaves throughout the United States with full citizenship and no compensation to slave owners.


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